Avengers Logo Rotating (MARVEL)

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Did You Know?

The team has had many “honorary members” over the
years—usually friends, family, and allies who have assisted the
team in its battles. The first-ever inductee as an “honorary
member” was Rick Jones, the man Bruce Banner saved from a
gamma bomb's explosion by sacrificing his own body. Rick later
became the Hulk's “sidekick” of sorts and was instrumental
convincing the new team that Hulk wasn't the evil behemoth
they originally believed him to be. In later issues, Tony Stark's
butler, Jarvis (a human in the comics, not the computerized
entity familiar to movie fans) was also granted “honorary
member” status.

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  •   Material:- Metal
  • Colour :- silver and red
  •  Size :- 3.8cm
  •  Sleek and compact design
  • Sturdy metal ring holds keys securely
  •  Can also be used to decorate bag zips
  • Rotating keychain

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