Black Panther Rotating (MARVEL)

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Did You Know?

You may know Storm from X-Men, but you may not know that she met
T’Challa (Black Panther) a long time ago and that they are childhood friends.
After reconnecting and falling in love, both got married in an elaborate
Wakandan ceremony surrounded by their superhero allies. Unfortunately, all
good things come to an end. When Namor attacked Wakanda, Black Panther
wanted to focus more on being a King for the Civil War. Hence, the marriage
was annulled in 2012.

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 Material:- Metal
 Colour :- silver or gold
 Size :- 3.8cm
 Sleek and compact design
 Sturdy metal ring holds keys securely
 Can also be used to decorate bag zips
 Rotating keychain

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