Death note Ryuk (DEATHNOTE)


Did You Know?

During the concept stage of Death Note, manga artist Takeshi Obata actually drew Ryuk and other Shinigami as humans who look like “attractive rock stars.” His mindset was for Ryuk to look like a darker version of Light, but his editors said that Ryuk looked too much like the main character and that just wouldn’t work for the design so the idea had to be scrapped. After the editors said that Ryuk didn’t have to look human, Obata began the final design of this death god. Clearly, some of the rock star influence still remains in Ryuk’s design as he has a heavy metal-like outfit.

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  • Color :- May slightly vary due to lighting
  • Material :- PVC
  • Size :- 18 cm
  • base, wings and other parts all detachable.

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Weight300 g
Dimensions18 cm


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