Kakashi Lightning Blade (NARUTO)


Did You Know?

There is some debate within the Naruto fandom as to how exactly Kakashi developed the Mangekyou version of his Sharingan eye. The character first uses the technique on-screen during his battle with Akatsuki member Deidara in Naruto Shippuden, but it is later confirmed that Kakashi actually attained the power as a child at the exact same time Obito gained it, shortly after Rin had died.There is no definitive answer on why Kakashi waited so long to unleash his upgraded eye. Some believe that he didn’t actually realize he possessed such a power until seeing Itachi use it during their own fight. Others posit that the younger Kakashi didn’t have enough chakra to pull off such grandiose techniques.

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  • Colour :- May slightly vary due to lighting
  • Material :- pvc
  • Size :- 18 cm
  • base, lightning and other parts all detachable.

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Weight200 g
Dimensions18 cm


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