Original Infinity Gauntlet (MARVEL)

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Did You Know?

To make it even more emotionally complex, Thanos made sure
to give Gamora a happy childhood in order to make her more
than just a mindless, heartless killer. Thanos picked a day in
the year to serve as Gamora’s birthday, and they made sure to
celebrate it. He even taught her about the Earth holiday known
as Christmas and held a truce every year to celebrate it with
Gamora and the rest of his estranged family! Safe to say that’s
the most awkward family reunion we can think of.

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  •  Material:- Metal
  •  Colour :- gold
  •  Size :- 4.8cm
  •  Sleek and compact design
  •  Sturdy metal ring holds keys securely
  •  Can also be used to decorate bag zips

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Weight50 g


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